Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ilumina Organics Product Review

I was recently delighted the opportunity to try three great products from Ilumina Organics, a company dedicated to making 100% natural, safe and gentle products. As a parent, you come to realize how important your babies skin really is, you want to use only the safest and most gentle body washes and oils, because really.. who on earth would want to damage a babies perfectly soft skin?! And in the world today, the government has a very loose definition of "organic" and "natural", making it really difficult to pick out the products that are actually real! [and] some manufacturers will say anything to have people buy their products.

But not at Ilumina Organics! They promise that if their name is on a product, you can sleep good at night knowing it is 100% safe and effective! They stand by their products that are free of chemical preservatives, toxins, and fragrances. And there is wonderful people behind this company, owners Scott and Kathy have the best of intentions for there customers and if you would like to read more about them personally just click here!

Products That I Am Reviewing:
Starting with the Head to Toe Baby Wash with Aloe, I absolutely loved it (and my little one did, too!) My son is still very young (He hit his 2 week mark yesterday!) and I want to use only the safest products on his delicate skin. It has a very light, herbal like smell that I just love, I also love that it does not contain harsh synthetic detergents and it helps to prevent dry itchy skin, which is great for my newborn because his skin was starting to become a little dry and flaky. Then, after his bath we tried the Baby Oil, and loved it just as much! The smell was extremely pleasant, especially because I have been so accustomed to using the typical baby oil, which doesn't smell bad, but the natural, herb-like smell of Ilumina Organics Baby Oil was such a refreshing change. The baby oil is made from a combination of apricot seed and grape seed oil, also essential oils of lavender and chamomile and vitamin E. And to make it even better, this oil comes in a bottle that uses a atomizer sprayer to prevent spillage and messes! And yesterday we got to use the Bottom Balm for the first time, thankfully it wasn't because of a diaper rash, he was just a little red and irritated on his bottom but no rash had formed yet, I caught it early enough and put the Bottom Balm on it, and it soothed him immediately! The balm is made from herbs that prevent and heal skin irritation. Likewise to their other products it is 100% safe and contains no chemicals or synthetics. It's ingredients and reliable, yet simple, extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil, St. John's wort oil, organic beeswax, zinc oxide, & vitamin E. 

I recommend all of my readers to try any of these products for Ilumina Organics, I know you will love them and your babies' sensitive skin will appreciate them! And, their line of products doesn't stop at baby skin care, they also offer a variety of lip balms, body soaps, and shampoo and conditioner. The next product I would love to try from them is their Spearmint Lip Balm, it looks amazing!

*Disclosure: The above review is my own 100% honest opinion(s). I received products to complete this review but I was not obligated to write a positive review, I honorably only write my honest thoughts on all companies/products that I review.*


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i'm always looking for a good organic baby product since that's all we use
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I love trying new organic products. Even though I don't have children, I'd still love to try the baby products because I bet they would make my skin feel wonderfully soft. I like that they have such a broad range of items for all ages, too!

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