Free Stuff!

Okay, there is TONS of ways to get free stuff online!
But on the other hand, there is TONS of ways to waste your time
trying to get free stuff online!

(Trust me, I know!!)

Now, that being said, I want to let all of you know that I will only be posting things that
I have already received myself, and here's why:

I've spent countless hours trying to get things
that never came in the mail and ended up just filling my E-mail box full of spam!

Rest assured, I don't want to put you through all that! So once I've both
received and tried an item, I will post it here for you to get your hands on! :) ENJOY!

Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion:

About the product:  This lotion is rich, non-greasy and absorbs quickly,
enriched with vitamins and aloe, hypoallergenic, gluten free, and dermatologist tested!
And it also has a great smell! :)
What I received: (2) Sample Size Packages of Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion
How I got it: I didn't fill out any "sample" forms, and they weren't offering any samples on the website, however I had been curious about the product and so I visited the "Contact Us" page on the website, and simply wrote a brief message saying that I would love to try Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion and wish to receive samples VIA postal mail, and then attached my address!
How long it took: I received an E-mail back promptly, within the same hour of sending my request, saying that they would love to send me samples! and by the end of the next week I had gotten my samples in the mail! Easy Peasy!! 
Get yours:  Simply Click Here and write to them! Remember to include your
postal address so they know where to send your samples to!

Additionally: I would love to let you all know that after trying this product with my niece (who, by the way has super sensitive skin!) I will be buying this product all the time when my son arrives! It smells great, it feels great, and I'm glad I got to try this product because I will certainly be buying it!

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100% Free Subscription To BabyTalk Magazine!

About the product:  BabyTalk Magazine has all the latest information that new/expecting parents want and need! From health and safety issues to the latest and great products for baby!
What I received: Free subscription to BabyTalk Magazine
How I got it: I simply filled out the form! TOO easy!
How long it took: It took literally 2 minutes to fill out the form, and then I received my first magazine within two weeks!
Get yours:  Simply Click Here and fill out the form! Enjoy!!

 Additionally: I love reading this magazine, it's so informative and filled with great articles and reviews for new products!

Free Sample of Burberry Body Fragrance

About the product:  Burberry Body Fragrance smells AMAZING!
What I received: Free Sample Size Bottle of Burberry Body Fragrance.
How I got it: I headed over to Burberry's Facebook and requested my sample!
How long it took: About two weeks!

Get yours:  Simply Click Here; 'Like' them on Facebook, then request your sample!

 Additionally: It smells so great! I will definitely be purchasing some of my own soon!