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Giveaways and Reviews Policies:
All giveaways and reviews by Magical Life of Mamas will be originally hosted on this site, and nowhere else, however, they are subject to being advertised, shared and sponsored on Twitter, and Facebook, and other social networking and advertising sites, from myself and all participants; In addition, some content from this blog may be subject to other bloggers, writers and freelancers sharing details, thoughts or interests about the content on their own blogs, journals and social networking sites, upon some agreements. If you would like to share any content written, published or hosted by Magical Life of Mamas on your blog, journal or social networking site, please contact me. Most giveaways include bonus entries to gain more followers and exposure for the sponsor and myself via Twitter and Facebook, and other social networking sites. We might also offer additional entries for subscribing to the sponsors newsletters, or purchasing products from the sponsor, though it should be thoroughly understood that purchasing of any product will never be mandatory for my guests. If you would like me to include anything else for additional entries, I am always more than happy to. •  I am always happy to host a giveaway sponsored  by you free of change, however if you would like to sponsor a giveaway but cannot provide me with the product to review, your giveaway will be subject to a fee. These fee's are negotiable and vary for each product, so prices will vary.  • Sponsor will always be  responsible for shipping the prize to the selected winner within a reasonable time frame. • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for each giveaway to be posted after you contact me, but if you need it posted sooner or at a specific time please be sure to let me know. • I will always give credit to the sponsors for allowing me to host the giveaway, I will always include links to the sponsor as well as any back-links or additional requested information about the sponsor in the post containing the giveaway.  •  Upon publishing each giveaway, the sponsor will always be notified of publishing so they can review it for themselves. Giveaway rules and terms cannot be edited after publishing, however each sponsor does have the right to request a "cancellation" or opt out of the giveaway. • Sponsors can choose how long they would like each giveaway to run for, however, there is a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks, unless otherwise agreed. • Upon requesting me to host a giveaway, each sponsor will be asked to specify: - (optional) additional information about the product being given away.  - where the giveaway is open to (US/Canada/World-Wide) - Prize being given away, including the value of the prize. - Requested time length of the giveaway. - Age requirements. • I  will notify the sponsor both when giveaway is posted by emailing the location of the giveaway (link/s) and  at completion of the giveaway with our winners shipping and contact information. *Regarding reviews, • I am always happy to review your product/business free of charge. If you have a business that you would like reviewed, I simply ask that you provide a complimentary service for me to base the review off of, as my reviews are based 100% on my honest opinions. I request that If you have a product for review, it must be a full size product sample, not travel-size.  • I operate under a very strict "100% honesty" guarantee, In the rare chance of my opinion of the product being reviewed  is not "up-to-par" or is less than satisfactory, I reserve the right to opt out of publishing the review as I will only provide my readers with reviews of products I am content with, this is beneficial to myself, my readers, and to each sponsor, as I am certain they would not appreciate a negative review. • The Magical Life of Mama's is not responsible for any shipping charges, or for any items lost/damaged by in the mail. Products sent to the The Magical Life of Mama's for review become property of The Magical Life of Mama's when they arrive. • Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for the product review to be posted. If you need it posted sooner or at a specific time please be sure to let me know. • I will always give credit to the sponsor for allowing me to conduct to review. It is standard to include links to the sponsor or business in each review. • I  will notify the business or product of review both when the product/service for review is received, and when the review is published by emailing the location of the review (link/s)

Disclosure: Thank you for taking the time to read over this information, I hope this information was helpful in the event of answering any questions you might have about giveaways or reviews published on The Magical Life of Mama's. If you have any questions or concerns that were not answered on this page, please use the contact form below to submit them.

Additionally, to become a sponsor or have your product reviewed, please contact me via using the contact form below, please include correct E-mail address. Thanks!