Sunday, March 25, 2012

Save up to $4.00 on Airwick Products!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrate Womens Day With EdenFantasys! (adult content)

Many of you have probably read my other reviews for EdenFantasys, - One amazing online adult toy store with a huge variety of fabulous products! For those of you who are shy, or maybe don't dabble in adults toys, they also offer a huge variety of sexy lingerie, candles, beauty products, books, dvds, party favors and gags, and so much more! I'm more than just a blogger writing about some website, I'm a loyal customer of this website and I'm also a frequent reader of their EdenCafe Blog and Sexis Magazine, which is fun, enlightening, and exciting because I find a lot of stories I can relate to! It's not a raunchy sex-talk-site, it's a clean, funny adult site where people all over talk about their opinions and experiences, you can browse through the community and find articles that interest you, there is thousands to choose from and tons of great writers, so I'm sure you'll love it! No matter what your into, you will find something you absolutely love at EdenFantasys! And they offer more than just great products, they also frequently offer promotions that help you save lots of $$$ on the greatest things to make you feel good! 

Speaking of promotions, EdenFantasys is actually running an amazing promotion right now, offering customers a 25% discount on orders over $75, and a FREE Eden Bullet on orders over $56! But you can also find more great deals like Free Bedroom Kandi Natural Lubricant with any Bedroom Kandi luxury vibrator! And take advantage of the Sexy YOU sale, saving 25% on luxurious massage and body-care products!

Personally, I do most of my shopping on EdenFantasys in their wonderful lingerie category! The prices at EdenFantasys are amazing, and they have such a huge selection of sexy intimates. The best part is, it's easy to find lingerie that is actually going to fit you! A lot of my shopping trips for lingerie have been destroyed by the disappointing feelings of not fitting into whatever I try on.. But not at EdenFantasys! It's surprisingly easy to find lots of things that will fit YOU perfectly! They also have a large selection of plus-size clothing, so I mean it when I say they have something for EVERYONE!

It's easy to shop at EdenFantasys, the site is organized and easy to read. Curious about a product? They have tons of reviews for the hottest products right on their website, written by REAL customers! The site is updated often, and new people are joining the EdenFantasys community everyday! So if you haven't checked it out yet, Get on it!! ... So you can get it on!! (Cheesy, but cute, right?)