Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekend Gathering Blog Hop!!

Hows it going? What are you doing this weekend?!

I'm just spending time with family! OH! And, I'm visiting all these awesome blogs from this Weekend Gathering Blog Hop! Check it out!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Moms.. How do YOU feel sexy? (Intended for mature readers)

Major changes happen after a mommy has her first baby. - For me, mommy-hood is beyond amazing, words cannot explain how good it felt to hold my son for the first time, to look into his eyes, and now to see him smile at me. I wouldn't change a thing about having my son, but I will say this.. It took a toll on me.

So now my son is two months old, and me and my hubby are lighting up our flame, I'm starting to feel good again and he can tell ;) - But things aren't exactly the same, for the first time in my life, I've got stretch marks, I need to wear a push-up bra, and *ahem* some stuff just isn't how it used to be. 

I know I'm not the only mommy who has gone or is going through this, it happens to the best of us.

So what can I do to feel a little sexier? Well I think lingerie from is great start.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

So here's what I'm looking at:

My True Beauty Fuchsia Chemise

This beautiful fuchsia chemise is just my style, it's adorable and sexy at the same time, and it's my favorite color PINK! (but you can also find it in black, which is sexy too!) It features an adorable ruffle hem and removable garter straps, and also comes with a matching thong. The sassy floral pattern is sure to appeal to any man (or woman) and I am just in love with the design of this chemise. What do I like about it most? The cute ruffle-design bottom and the comfortableness of having no under-wire! - But honestly, the thing I love about this piece the most is the same thing I love about all of the adorable lingerie from EdenFantasys, and that is the great prices, this chemise is only $29.99, which (if you do enough shopping for lingerie and intimates) is a great deal! Plus, right now you can save 20% site wide using the promotion code "Pleasure"

Check out their latest promotions: HERE

Edenfantasys offers a lot more than just lingerie though (read my review about EdenFantasys here.) and if you haven't checked out everything EdenFantasys has to offer, you should! They have a large selection of intimates, lubricants, condoms, adult toys, erotic books & dvds, and even bath and body products.

I'll be writing lots more about EdenFantasys, so stay tuned!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve! Anyone still out there?


It's a wonderful time of year, isn't it? I am totally in the holiday spirit!,
mostly because this is the first Christmas for baby Samuel (who by the way, is 2 months old now!!)
but also because I am with my entire family (minus my sister who lives in Florida and doesn't want to see her family for the holidays because she is overly busy being alone on Christmas day, but I'm trying not to think about that..) 

 My plans for today are to prepare the glaze for tomorrows ham, make the chocolate birthday cake for my brother, because his birthday is on Christmas!!, relax with my family, and then get some good sleep! (well okay, we might open a gift or two tonight!!) 

And for tomorrow, it's going to be a long day of laughing, cooking, eating, relaxing, receiving, giving, and loving! What are your big Christmas plans?! I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have you looked into life insurance?

Being a parent changes everything in your life, doesn't it? You go from thinking about yourself to thinking about someone else all the time, at least if your like me, in an instant your entire life suddenly revolves around this one special little person and you want to be there for them every moment of every day, and while they're young you usually can be (luckily!) - But we all worry, and we all want to be able to take care of our kids, even where we're gone, right? Well that's where life insurance comes in.

What is life insurance?
Quite simply, life insurance is a contract between you and an insurer, in which the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money, or "benefits" upon the death of the insured person. The real advantage for having life insurance  is peace of mind, by knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of should something ever happen to you.

Who needs life insurance?
Most Americans need life insurance. If you pass, life insurance can help your family meet important financial needs like daily living expenses, funeral costs and college funding. To sum it up, If someone will suffer financially when you die, you need life insurance. The best way to figure out if you need life insurance is to ask yourself how your loved ones would take care of themselves and other costs when your gone.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?
How much you'll be paying always depends on your age and health and the size of the benefit you want. The younger and healthier you are, the less your premium will be. Just as an example (rough estimate) a healthy 40 year old man that buys a 20 year level term policy, that has a fixed annual premium, will probably pay about $350 a year to secure a $500,000 death benefit, whereas A healthy 50 year old man who buys the same policy could pay $1,000 a year and if he waits until he's 60 the policy can cost about $3,000 a year.

Aptus Insurance

Aptus Insurance focuses on finding the right policy for their customers, and they work with the most respected insurance providers in the nation, offering top quality insurance to fit into your budget. By making things easy, enjoyable and clear they make the online shopping experience hassle free and easy to do.Want a  free quote? it's fast and easy!, just fill out one simple online form. They also have great parenting tips on their new parents personal finance guide. Sometimes finding the right policy can be difficult, but one of the most common types of insurance people purchase is Universal Life Insurance because it is a permanent form of insurance, with no expiration date, and the policy will not automatically end . So you might want look into universal plans.

Disclosure / This is a Class A post, to read the Class A disclosure policy please click here. All opinions (negative or positive) are always my own and 100% honest.

This Moms Beauty Tips

When I was younger, I spent a lot more time thinking about my appearance. Putting on the make up everyday, doing my hair before even thinking about leaving the house, dying, straightening, curling and primping it everyday. But today, I'm lucky to work up the energy to put lip gloss on! - BUT! No more! My son will be two months old in two days and I think it's time for me to start pampering myself a little more. No, I won't be spending as much time as I used to on fashion and make up because moms, lets face it.. when you have to choose between folding laundry, vacuuming, cooking dinner, taking care of an infant, and finishing the other hundred thousand things on your to-do list for that day or doing your hair, I think your hair is going to lose that battle. - But we can still work in a little time for ourselves, and you might be surprised at how one little thing can help.I'm going to share a few of my quick-tips with you guys.

Olive Oil & Sugar Facial Scrub - This is the first one on the list because it is probably one of the most useful! It is so easy, simple and amazing. This home-made scrub leaves your skin feeling exfoliated and fresh, and incredibly soft. I recommend using this scrub 1-3 times a week, and if you have really dry skin (or the harsh winter is damaging your skin) you can apply moisturizer after using the scrub. It's as simple as this: Mix 1 Tablespoon of water with 1 Teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, mix until it creates a thick paste, then rub (softy) onto your face in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Done!

Baby Powder For Super Soft Skin - It's silly how something you probably already have laying around the house can make such a big difference in the appearance and softness of your skin. I've always had baby powder around somewhere, but recently I've been using it after I get out of the bath, all over my body. It leaves your skin silky smooth and also keeps you smelling fresh (all over!) for a good amount of time. It's refreshing and light, and I love it. Simple as anything really, just take a 15-20 minute hot shower and after drying yourself (patting your body all over, not wiping with the the towel.) put some powder on all over, or even just the dry spots you are trying to moisturize. This is a great tip to keep in mind, because I never would have thought it would make such a big difference, but it does! 

These two simple things really do work wonders, I promise! Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review for (Adult Content)

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Recently I have come across many reviews for, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with EdenFantasys! If you haven't heard about EdenFantasys yet, it is a wonderful adult toy store with a huge selection of great gifts to give this holiday season if you want to spice up your love life or treat someone else to a personal gift.

This wonderful website offers toys for couples, women and men, sexy lingerie and beauty and body gifts. Me and my hubby received this Trojan Pleasure 12 Pack from EdenFantasys for the first time and we were happy with the variety this multi-pack offers, my personal favorite from the mix was the "Her Pleasure" which was no surprise, for me at least! I would definitely buy this 12 pack, it is a great deal for the variety it offers, just $16.99.

As I was browsing around EdenFantsasys I came across so many adorable lingerie sets, one of my favorites was this Pink Robe and Babydoll, but honestly it is hard to choose a favorite because they have such a great selection. I would definitely recommend any of my readers to check out EdenFantasys, they are a fabulous website and right now is a great time to shop with them because they are also offering free shipping on orders over $25, and with their holiday sale you can save up to 70% on selected products.

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Considering Redecorating My Home After The Holidays

A year ago I couldn't have imagined my life would be what it is today. I was living in California, working a 9-5 job and living in a tiny apartment. Today, I am a stay at home (while working) mom living in Texas with an amazing son (who is coming up on his 2 month point!!) and a loving husband and great family, in a gorgeous 4 bedroom home with a big backyard and great dane puppy who is growing faster than my eyes can keep up with. My life is great! The only problem I've run into lately is the lack of comfort ability in my home because I haven't gotten to go buy things to interior decorate yet. In our tiny apartment, we had more than enough things (possibly too many) but now that we're living in a bigger home we look empty!

So I came across this website that is going to help me tremendously with my decorating adventure. It's called and it is super cool! You can view all kind of photos to get inspiration for your next remodeling project, and you can browse ideas by category like Asian, Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Tropical, etc..

I'm no interior designer, and I'm not trying to be. But I do want a home that is warm and welcoming, and a home that has my style. is going to help me create an ideabook to inspire warm changes all around my home! If you want to create an ideabook of your own, it's easy and free! Just visit their website and get started today. I was surprised at the amount of work put into, the ideas you can find are endless and if your like me and crave a little of your own style in your home, let help you create it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making the switch from GFC to Google+ (HUGE GIVEAWAY)

If your a blogger, I'm sure you might have heard the big news about GFC be discontinued in 2012. Instead of using GFC, we'll be using Google+ to keep our followers updated. I'm still getting the hang of Google+ (I didn't even have a Google+ Page until I found out about the discontinuance of GFC) and I'm slowly but surely getting followers (people who have added me to their Google+ Circles). I've completely made the switch, I am no longer asking my readers to follow me via GFC, instead I am asking them to join me on Google+.

This being the case, in my desperate attempt to gain more people on my Google+ Page I am going to offer a giveaway like I've never offered before. Keep reading for the juicy details!

Here's how it's going to work! I am going to offer my readers tons of chances to win PayPal Cash! This giveaway is going to be constantly getting bigger because for every 20 people that add my page to their Google+ Circles I will add $10 to the prize! The prize is going to start at $100 PayPal Cash and will continue to grow every time 20 more people add my page to their circles! After the prize hits $200 I am going to start splitting it up into multiple prizes, so the grand prize will be $200 but there will be other prizes for $10, $20, and $50 to make sure everyone has their chance to WIN! This giveaway is going to run until February and will be open to anyone over 18 years of age with a PayPal account.

But wait.. It gets better! I'm going offer you an awesome way to score 100 entries into the giveaway EVERYDAY! How? - Simple, refer a friend to this giveaway and make sure to tell them to answer with your name in the box that's is going to ask them who referred them, then after they've entered the giveaway you can come back and click 'I referred someone!' and fill in your information and their name! EASY PEASY! and it's worth 100 entries everyday, AND the more people you refer, the bigger the prizes will be! Entering the giveaway is easy as can be with the rafflecopter form below!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(1) $50 Walmart Giftcard + (1) $50 Macy's Gift Card Giveaway!!

The holidays sure know how to put a dent in your budget, and I know just how hard it is to shop without breaking the bank. So I've decided to help out (2) of my lucky readers with gift cards! There are lots of ways to enter (using the rafflecopter form below) - And I'll be adding TONS of more ways to earn entries over the next few days, so keep coming back to get even more chances of winning!

Giveaway Starts December 5th and Giveaway Ends December 15th
*Open to US residents only*