Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making the switch from GFC to Google+ (HUGE GIVEAWAY)

If your a blogger, I'm sure you might have heard the big news about GFC be discontinued in 2012. Instead of using GFC, we'll be using Google+ to keep our followers updated. I'm still getting the hang of Google+ (I didn't even have a Google+ Page until I found out about the discontinuance of GFC) and I'm slowly but surely getting followers (people who have added me to their Google+ Circles). I've completely made the switch, I am no longer asking my readers to follow me via GFC, instead I am asking them to join me on Google+.

This being the case, in my desperate attempt to gain more people on my Google+ Page I am going to offer a giveaway like I've never offered before. Keep reading for the juicy details!

Here's how it's going to work! I am going to offer my readers tons of chances to win PayPal Cash! This giveaway is going to be constantly getting bigger because for every 20 people that add my page to their Google+ Circles I will add $10 to the prize! The prize is going to start at $100 PayPal Cash and will continue to grow every time 20 more people add my page to their circles! After the prize hits $200 I am going to start splitting it up into multiple prizes, so the grand prize will be $200 but there will be other prizes for $10, $20, and $50 to make sure everyone has their chance to WIN! This giveaway is going to run until February and will be open to anyone over 18 years of age with a PayPal account.

But wait.. It gets better! I'm going offer you an awesome way to score 100 entries into the giveaway EVERYDAY! How? - Simple, refer a friend to this giveaway and make sure to tell them to answer with your name in the box that's is going to ask them who referred them, then after they've entered the giveaway you can come back and click 'I referred someone!' and fill in your information and their name! EASY PEASY! and it's worth 100 entries everyday, AND the more people you refer, the bigger the prizes will be! Entering the giveaway is easy as can be with the rafflecopter form below!



Alexandra Rose said...

You are the first person I ever added to Google+ I've been trying to use the darned thing for ages and couldn't figure out how. I'm so annoyed they're not using GFC anymore I'm such a tech idiot. I would take either of the giftcards :-)
Visiting from the hop.

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