Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spice up your Valentines Day with EdenFantasys (Intended For Mature Readers)

Plan your St. Valentine\'s Day and save the date with EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Many of you may have already read my first review and my second post about EdenFantasys,
but now more than ever is a great time for me to share this awesome site with you guys,
because it's almost valentines day!

Firstly, I don't think I mentioned the Sexis Magazine from EdenFantasys in my other two posts.
It's awesome! It's informational, and always interesting!

They feature some great writers on Sexis, and I could spend hours reading
some of the articles! The one I read this morning was "Valentines Day Gift Guide"
Written by
If your looking for some ideas for you and your sweetheart on Valentines Day,
I'd suggest you read it too! :) It's funny, and it's insightful, and it has some great
ideas for everyone, if your looking to romance or just have fun, they've got gift
ideas I'm sure you'll love. I also love that they link up the gifts so you can
easily find exactly what your reading, and buy it, too ;)

If you read my last post about EdenFantasys, then you'll know I love lingerie,
and EdenFantays offers a huge selection of adorable items, especially for
this Valentines Day, have you thought about buying some special lingerie yet?

If lingerie isn't your thing, that's cool, EdenFantays still has thousands of different items
to choose from and I'm sure you'll find something exciting! 

What I love about EdenFantasys the most is that they have something to appeal to everyone,
the site isn't just female friendly, or straight friendly, it's friendly to everyone all over
and it's not obtrusive, the site is organized and fun to visit!

I also visit EdenFantasys on Facebook and other social media, and if your an active Facebook user,
be sure to 'Like' their Facebook page, 'Follow' them on Twitter and
definitely check out their blog! They always update with awesome content!

Plan your St. Valentine\'s Day and save the date with EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

Check out some of the promotions they have going on right now.. AWESOME!

15% OFF $30.00+ PURCHASE
20% OFF $50.00+ PURCHASE
25% OFF $100.00+ PURCHASE
30% OFF $150.00+ PURCHASE

Plus, EdenFantasys is having a New Years Clearance where you can save up to 70%
on thousands of items, from toys and gear to lingerie.

If you haven't checked out EdenFantasys yet, now is the best time to do so!
Surprise your sweetheart with exciting gifts this Valentines Day, or spoil
yourself with something really nice.. Either way, go see EdenFantasys!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland Blog Hop

Want to find some awesome blogs? Attract more attention to your own blog?
Join the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop :) - I did!
It's hosted by A Delicious Obsession, And Christina's Voice.
And in the blogger spotlight is
3 Monkeys & 1 Lady


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Have a good week! ... Almost Friday!!

My baby is growing up so fast..

He's way grown out of his newborn clothes,
he holds his head up and he laughs all the time.

He can find me in a room,
and wakes up when he hears daddy's voice.

He loves bath time, especially with bubbles.

He loves his crib, he sleeps from 7:00pm to 7:00am!
AND still naps during the day..

He looks exactly like his dad,
everyday he actually looks more like him.

He smiles when you look at him, and he smiles
when your not looking at him, he's just really
all the time and it's amazing.

He makes the most adorable sounds, and he'll
"coo" back at you for 20 minutes straight,

I swear he thinks he's having a real conversation :)

I'm truly blessed!

I feel like it was just yesterday when we brought him home,
time is going by way too fast!

OH! And I recently bought "Your Baby Can Read" and I'll be writing a
review soon! More on that later...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Safety Signs!

Safety Signs is the webs largest provider of safety identification products like road signs, no trespassing signs, street signs, caution, danger and warning signs, and they even have an online custom sign builder.

+ They'll match any competitors price.

They are the experts, and you can choose from hundreds of stock products,
or create a custom tag, label or sign.

Safety Signs has a has a knowledgeable team of customer service representatives
that can be reached through their website, which makes answering
any questions you might have really easy :)

I think it's pretty cool, I'd like to make a funny sign =)

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To the man who....

To the man who holds my hand, to the man who makes me smile, to the man who keeps me strong, to the man who keeps me going, to the man who is a little too comfortable using the bathroom when I'm doing my make-up in there!, to the man who supports me, to the man who loves me, to the man who works three jobs for me, to the man who knows how to make me feel sexy, to the man who sings too loud, to the man who I can't stay mad at, to the man I always want to wrap my arms around, to the man who made me a mother and a wife, to the man who doesn't just support my dreams, he helps create them. To the man who thinks I'm beautiful, to the man who understands who I am under the make-up, to the man who cares about me in every way imaginable...

To MY man, I love you. :)

Just felt like writing something sweet! ♥

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Check out the Jasmine Business Web Directory

If you own, edit or moderate a website for a growing business I'm sure you know that web traffic is KEY to getting your business more attention. 'Surfin aint easy, so to make finding what they need easier, people use web directories to find hot businesses, brands and products. You see, Search engines  (Like Google and Yahoo) push out something they call crawlers (or spiders) to search the web for new/updated sites that come up everyday. When you have a new site and you want search engines to know it's out there, submitting your site through various directories is probably one of the easiest ways to enhance search engine awareness and increase web traffic!

Today, I'll tell you about the Jasmine Web Directory for businesses!

Web directory review

The Jasmine Web Directory is different, it isn't just any ordinary web directory. Perhaps some of the most exciting benefits are that this directory is 100% SEO friendly, you can submit up to 5 links (like the homepage, contact or services page, etc..) instead of just one like other web directories, you can also include details like your phone number, office address or e-mail addresses! The Jasmine directory also collects two automatic thumbnails of your website to visually enhance your listing instantly! Also, if your tech-savvy, keep in mind that the Jasmine directory is also W3 css and HTML valid. Cool! When you check out the site, you'll see that it is easy on the eyes and politely organized, it comes across as very user-friendly. You can submit your site into a wide variety of categories, from Arts & Humanities, to Health and Fitness, Computers and Technology, Kids and Teens, Online Marketing, to News and Politics and so much more!

Web directory review

So check it out, submit your business and get started with the Jasmine Business Web Directory today!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

$100 Coca Cola Polar Prize Package Giveaway!

Have you entered the $100 Coca Cola Polar Prize Package Giveaway from The Mama Zone yet?
It's awesome, easy to enter with Rafflecopter and it ends in just 9 days!

The prize package includes:
- A Red Throw Blanket
- Polar Bear Cookie Cutter
- Polar Bear 3D Puzzle
- Polar Bear Stuffed Animal
- Polar Bear Shaped Pillow
- Bear Shaped Ice Tray
- Polar Bear Hat W/ Attached Paw Mittens!


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New Ways I'm Finding To Make Money At Home

How's the weekend going for everyone? - I feel like this weekend passed by way too quick!

- But then again, maybe that's because I haven't had anytime off! Busy Busy Busy...

As a full time stay at home mommy, I don't have a lot of time to put into a full-time stay at home job. Right now, my son is just three months old and he needs me nearly 24/7, so I've been looking for exciting, fun, quick and easy ways to make money, earn rewards and benefit from blogging. I'm sure a lot of mommies, and mommies-to-be can relate to me here, so I'm going to share all of the great sites I found with you, and hopefully they help =)


E-poll - Offers you fun, exciting surveys about your daily life in exchange for valuable reward points that you can cash in for gift cards or other exciting stuff. It's free to join, and fun to do if you like taking surveys. Sign up now!

Blog Advertising Store - Will pay you to write about interesting websites, companies, services, and products. Joining is free, and they make it super easy to work from home. The site is very organized, and easy to use. Payments are made on the first day of each month via Paypal. Sign up as a blogger and start making money today! And if your looking to advertise through bloggers, Sign up as an advertiser!

Blogsvertise - Will also pay you to write about websites, companies, services and products, but they also offer something they call "Grab Bag Tasks" that allow you to pick up other money-making tasks like placing banners or pay-per-click or pay-per-buy ads on your blog. Sign up now and start making money!

These are just three sites that I've started using recently, but there are tons of great ways to monetize your blog and make money online at home! I'll be writing a lot more advice, tips and recommendations soon, so stay tuned! Until next time, for more blog advice check out one of my previous posts, "What do you like to see in a blog?"

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of their weekend!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeding for two, what's safe AND healthy?

During my (first and only) time being pregnant I freaked out about everything I ate, constantly asking myself "Is this safe?" or "Is this healthy for my baby", even questions like "Okay, it's good for my immune system, but is it good for his?" - I talked to my doctor, my friends, my family, and I often had little meetings with a very good friend of mine, the Google search engine to find answers to all of my questions. I spent a great deal of time obsessing over proper nutrition for myself and my baby. Well, now one of my very close family relatives is pregnant (Yay!) and the other day she was asking me a few questions about food, eating, nutrition and what is and isn't safe for her baby, as we were talking and I realized how much stuff I learned while pregnant, I thought to myself.. I should share all the things I learned with other mommies to be out there. And so, here it is, my guide to safe, healthy eating while your pregnant!

Firstly, always be conscious of what your eating while your pregnant, even if you thinks it's safe, if you find yourself second guessing it, concerned about food expiration or just have a bad feeling about eating something, it's best to hold off. If your trying something new while pregnant, try just a little first, give yourself a while and see how you feel before continuing to eat.

Also, keep in mind the prenatal vitamin your probably taking is giving you lots of vitamins, no need to go overkill on anything so consider your vitamin when planning your meals and intake.

Some quick tips before we get started:

- Never eat raw eggs or meat while pregnant.

- Wash (more than you normally would) all of your fruits
and vegetables before you prepare them, even if cooking.

- Avoid eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel,
and albacore tuna during pregnancy because
of their high methylmercury levels.
However shrimp and canned tuna are
OK in moderation while pregnant.

Alrighty, now lets start by going over what nutrients your growing baby actually needs, I'm going to explain how all these vital nutrients helps your baby to grow, how you can be sure your getting these nutrients, and tasty ways to serve 'em up!

Calcium! - 1,000 mg per day.Helps to grow strong teeth and bones, healthy heart, muscles, and nerves.
Also, develops that beautiful heart beat you love to hear at those doctors visits!

How Can You Get It? - 8 oz of skim milk or orange juice provides 300 mg,
cheese is another GREAT source of calcium too!

Choline! - 450 mg per day
This stuff is great, it helps to prevent neural tube defects,
and increases brain cell development!
How Can You Get It? - 1 hard boiled egg provides 113 mg,
and pork is a great source of Choline too!

Folic Acid! - 600 mcg per day
This is truly a necessity, be sure to have plenty of this stuff
because it also helps to prevent neural tube defects, as well as
reduce risk of other birth defects; and it is critical for DNA production.

How Can You Get It? - (4) Boiled or steamed asparagus spears
provide 81 mcg, and just 1/2 lentils provide 179 mcg!

Iron! - 27 mg per day
This helps to create red blood cells, builds bones, connective tissue and cartilage,
and also supplies oxygen to cells for energy and growth.

How Can You Get It? - A lot of cereals are Iron-Fortified and provide
24 mg in just 1 cup! And 3 oz of beef sirloin(if you're not vegetarian) provides
3.2 mg!

Magnesium! - 350 mg per day
This stuff repairs and builds tissue, regulates insulin and blood sugar levels,
all while helping to build strong bones and teeth!

How Can You Get It? - Just one cup of spinach pasta serves up 87 mg, but
most leafy vegetables, cereals, nuts, legumes and pumpkin seeds are all great sources too!

Vitamin D! - 5 mcg per day
 This is essential for healthy bone and teeth development,
and it's found in tons of food and drinks you probably already have everyday!

How Can You Get It? - Just one cup of milk provides 2 mcg! If your lactose intolerant or don't
want to drink milk, salmon, tuna, eggs and even some cereals are great sources of vitamin D! 

Zinc! - 11 mg per day
This is crucial for DNA production and also aids in cell growth,
pretty important stuff, huh?

How Can You Get It? - It's easy to get your Zinc! Yogurt, Tofu, King Crab, Cashews and Raisin Bran, Chickpeas and Roasted Chicken legs, Flounder, Peas, and even Kidney Beans all have Zinc!

An important thing to remember while your expecting is that eating for two doesn't mean eating
twice as much. Unfortunately, at least for me because I am a total food lover, you are
only supposed to take in an extra 300 Calories per day while pregnant,
maybe a little more if your very active.

So don't give in to every craving, don't dig into every bag of chips or
rip open every candy bar you see, remember that your baby
is just the size of a pea for the first trimester, and even by the third trimester
they are a lot smaller than you, don't over eat because it makes your
journey towards returning to your pre-baby body a lot more difficult!

I hope this post helped mommies all around to better understand
what they need to support and help grow healthy,
happy babies!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Check Out My Stud Muffin! :)

My baby will be three months old this month! I feel like he's growing up so fast.

He laughs and he pushes himself up all time, and he sleeps all through-out the night. He's perfect!

Check out some adorable girls clothing! ? *Fabulous Finds Post*

Do you have young girls of your own, or do you shop for young girls clothing? Well, if you do I think you should check out all this awesome girls clothing I found online at! No matter what your style (or HER style, if she shops her own!) I'm sure you'll find something you love here.

Here are a few of my favorites!:
Flor De Papel Floral Mini Dress
This adorable Floral mini dress is stylish and cute as can be! It is 100% cotton, mid-thigh length and the square neck style is very fashionable. I totally love it! Originally priced at $35.00, you can buy it on sale now for just $24.50, PLUS receive free shipping on orders over $150.00, or just $7.00 shipping on everything else!

Wildflower Mini Dress
This is another square-neck mini dress that I just find absolutely adorable! This floral design is unique, edgy and modern. This dress is also 100% cotton, machine washable and affordable, on sale for just $28.00, you save $7.00 because it was originally priced at $35.00!  PLUS receive free shipping on orders over $150.00, or just $7.00 shipping on everything else! 

I hope you guys liked these fabulous finds as much as I did!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

*Calling All Bloggers* Have Your Blog Featured On 3 Different Blogs EVERY WEEK!

In case some of you didn't know, I have two affiliate blogs (I help run both) - Ultimate Headline and Sapphire Reviews. Magical Life of Mamas was my first blog, and in just a few short months I have learned an enormous amount about blogging (See my post "What do you like to see in a blog?") and I have give major thanks to all the other bloggers out there who write blogging tips, advice and other awesome material, and host events and blog hops. I wouldn't know everything I know today if it wasn't for all those great blogs and I wouldn't have the readership and followers that I do without them!

So I had this idea.. If I like these blogs so much, wouldn't other people?
I share everything else I love with my readers.. So why not share other blogs?!
 And, I want to give back to the blogging community!

INTRODUCING: The Best Blogs of the Week

The Best Blogs of the Week is simple, and free. The idea is this, every week I will choose (5) blogs to feature. I will feature small blogs and large blogs, as long as the quality of content is good, and the blog owner is responsive and actively posts new content. All blog types are welcomed, just nothing too explicit, try to keep it family friendly. My partners and I at Ultimate Headline and Sapphire Reviews will write a special post on every Friday of every week, our readers will get to check out new, awesome blogs every week!

All 5 featured blogs will have:
- A banner (300px-100px) to display on the post (if you can't provide a banner, I'll make a simple one.)
- (1) Link to your blogs homepage and (1) link to your choice of current most popular post.
- A 50+ word short biography/introduction to your blog.
- Links to your Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Additionally, our Best Blogs of the Week post will always be
shared on all of our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 - - - - - - - - -

 How To Get Featured!:
Getting featured is super easy! The Best Blogs of the Week event is going to be held every Friday, so anyone who wants to be featured must contact me, Sapphire Reviews or Ultimate Headline before Wednesday of each week (we'll make our decisions on which blogs to feature every Wednesday evening.) To contact us on any of the three blogs hosting this weekly event, please visit the Best Blog of the Week page on any blog. You can find the Best Blog of the Week button on the sidebar of all three blogs, and the button will look like this:

When you arrive at the Best Blogs of the Week page (on either one of the three blogs) you can find a contact form to submit your request for being featured. Include details like your name, name if your blog, a short biography of you and your blog, and a link to your blog. We will get back to you as soon as possible so you know your request was opened and we will contact you again if your blog has been chosen!

This event is an awesome way to advertise your blog for free, gain more followers and take advantage of a cool opportunity :)

We're starting this awesome event NOW!
Feel free to visit my Best Blogs of the Week page to check it out
and send in your request to be featured next Friday (1/13/12)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look who's starting to roll over, and push himself up!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Come Join The Monday Mingle Blog Hop!

Want to hop to some really great blogs?
Want to increase readers, and followers?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Come join me,
Sapphire Reviews
and Ultimate Headline
on the Monday Mingle Blog Hop hosted by
Measuring Flower and Graphoniac.

MondayMingle GFC and G+ Page Blog Hop

Have a great week everyone!
Xoxo, 'Mama Sarah Kay