Wednesday, January 4, 2012

*Calling All Bloggers* Have Your Blog Featured On 3 Different Blogs EVERY WEEK!

In case some of you didn't know, I have two affiliate blogs (I help run both) - Ultimate Headline and Sapphire Reviews. Magical Life of Mamas was my first blog, and in just a few short months I have learned an enormous amount about blogging (See my post "What do you like to see in a blog?") and I have give major thanks to all the other bloggers out there who write blogging tips, advice and other awesome material, and host events and blog hops. I wouldn't know everything I know today if it wasn't for all those great blogs and I wouldn't have the readership and followers that I do without them!

So I had this idea.. If I like these blogs so much, wouldn't other people?
I share everything else I love with my readers.. So why not share other blogs?!
 And, I want to give back to the blogging community!

INTRODUCING: The Best Blogs of the Week

The Best Blogs of the Week is simple, and free. The idea is this, every week I will choose (5) blogs to feature. I will feature small blogs and large blogs, as long as the quality of content is good, and the blog owner is responsive and actively posts new content. All blog types are welcomed, just nothing too explicit, try to keep it family friendly. My partners and I at Ultimate Headline and Sapphire Reviews will write a special post on every Friday of every week, our readers will get to check out new, awesome blogs every week!

All 5 featured blogs will have:
- A banner (300px-100px) to display on the post (if you can't provide a banner, I'll make a simple one.)
- (1) Link to your blogs homepage and (1) link to your choice of current most popular post.
- A 50+ word short biography/introduction to your blog.
- Links to your Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Additionally, our Best Blogs of the Week post will always be
shared on all of our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

 - - - - - - - - -

 How To Get Featured!:
Getting featured is super easy! The Best Blogs of the Week event is going to be held every Friday, so anyone who wants to be featured must contact me, Sapphire Reviews or Ultimate Headline before Wednesday of each week (we'll make our decisions on which blogs to feature every Wednesday evening.) To contact us on any of the three blogs hosting this weekly event, please visit the Best Blog of the Week page on any blog. You can find the Best Blog of the Week button on the sidebar of all three blogs, and the button will look like this:

When you arrive at the Best Blogs of the Week page (on either one of the three blogs) you can find a contact form to submit your request for being featured. Include details like your name, name if your blog, a short biography of you and your blog, and a link to your blog. We will get back to you as soon as possible so you know your request was opened and we will contact you again if your blog has been chosen!

This event is an awesome way to advertise your blog for free, gain more followers and take advantage of a cool opportunity :)

We're starting this awesome event NOW!
Feel free to visit my Best Blogs of the Week page to check it out
and send in your request to be featured next Friday (1/13/12)


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