Monday, June 10, 2013


Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm Back! I'm Back!

I've been gone for nearly a year, with no new posts, no updates.. And I know I let a lot of my readers down. But I have been through so much in the time I spent away, and I would love to shed some light on my reasons for being away for so long..
The first being, that I had to start working. My husband lost his job and we had to do something quickly to cover the bills.. so I started working, and spent less time blogging..
And then, disaster hit.. My son (less than one year old at the time) fell into the pool at his grandpas house and nearly didn't make it.. My life fell apart, and my baby was in the hospital for 13 days (including the day of his birthday)... He made a miracle recovery though, and you can find his story on CBS. - Miracle Baby Survives after Near Drowning
I was unable to function after his accident, I stopped liking my job, I stopped interacting with my family and the only person I could think about was my precious baby.. I blamed everyone for his accident and couldn't help but feel angry.. But after months of recovery and having a loving family to support me through the hard times, I came back around.. I started enjoying my life again and stopped living in the terrors and nightmares, I finally started living again.
And now things are better than EVER! I am pregnant again! Another little boy! Due September 20th, and his name is Nathaniel Alexander. My babies are the light of my life, and I'm now a stay-at-home mommy with plenty of time to do one of the things I love doing the most... Blogging!

I can't wait to meet new bloggers, work with more companys, and share so many good things with moms everywhere!

I hope to hear from all of you! Please share your blogs in comments via this post, I would love to get to know more bloggers and share more exciting posts! 


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

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