Monday, March 5, 2012

Check out the Jasmine Business Web Directory!

Do you own, edit or moderate a website for a growing business? If so, you know that web traffic is the magic trick to driving more attention to your. Everyday people who are looking for new businesses, brands, or products visit web directories to find just what they're looking for! To sum it up simply, When you want search engines to know you're out there, submitting your site through web directories is one of the easiest ways to enhance search engine awareness and increase web traffic FAST! So now you're probably wondering.. What directory should I submit my site to? I'll tell you which one! The Jasmine Business Web Directory! And here's why:

This really isn't just any ordinary web directory. Benefits include; The Jasmine directory will automatically collect two thumbnails of your awesome website to visually enhance your listing instantly! This directory is 100% SEO friendly, you may submit up to five links (homepage, about, services, etc..) NOT just one like other guys! You may also include helpful details like your phone number, office address or e-mail addresses! And for the more tech-savvy, Jasmine directory is also W3 CSS and HTML valid! Honestly, I use web directories quite often. I find businesses I'm looking for by a swift type of a few keys. And I'm not the only one! Believe it or not, more and more people everyday and turning to internet search engines and web directories to assist in finding things they need. How often do you use search engines or web directories to find new things? Chances are.. I bet you use them a lot!

Web directory reviewGo check out this site, you will see that it is organized, and it comes across as very user-friendly. You can submit your site into a wide variety of categories, from Arts & Humanities, to Health and Fitness, Computers and Technology, Kids and Teens, Online Marketing, to News and Politics and so much more! No hassle, no gimmicks and it's super easy to do, so if you're looking for more web traffic, why wouldn't you check out it?!  

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