Friday, November 18, 2011

CP Toys - Review

All parents want to give their kids the best holiday season possible. Once you become a parent you put a lot more effort into buying the gifts, decorating the trees, making the amazing dinners, and creating those holiday memories. I've always thought that the gifts during Christmas aren't as important as the thoughts behind them. The sweetest gifts to give are something personal, something sentimental. But honestly, we all know kids don't care about that! They want the hottest toys and gadgets available, they don't want a hand-made sweater! Well thankfully, my son isn't old enough to ask for any certain gifts yet, but I have a huge family so I still need to buy toys for older children. If you plan on buying toys for children this year, check out CP Toys. You might have read my last post which was a review for U.S. Toy company, well CP Toys is a sister-company to them and they also offer amazing deals and toys! If you a gifting to a young girl, I suggest you check out the 18 inch doll - They are adorable and you can also purchase additional holiday clothing for any of the dolls, reasonably priced. - They are definitely a one-stop-shop for gifts for young children. They also have a variety of items that are on sale and have been marked down to very competitive prices. Another thing I love about their site is that you can browse items by category (Books, Puzzles, Electronic Toys, etc) or by age (infant, 18+ months, 3 years, etc) and even by price range (they even have toys under $10.00) I strongly recommend you check out their site and cash in on big deals for your toy shopping this holiday season!


Jan said...

I love the CP Toys Soft Bowling Pals.
(By the way, the link doesn't work. It goes to I had to type in


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