Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gift Baskets For Christmas

It's getting closer and closer to the holidays, and I'm going crazy thinking about what I'll be buying for everyone. *Sigh* - I love this time of year, and I'm usually overly-excited about shopping for the holidays, but lately I've been exhausted! Learning how to keep up with a newborn sure has taken it's toll on this first time mommy. Nonetheless, I am still my normal cheery self . I am still excited for the holidays and anxious to start wrapping gifts! But this year, I will be taking a few short-cuts. And one of those short cuts will be gift baskets, I normally make my own baskets or go with more personalized gifts, but not this year! I'll definitely be taking the easy way out by ordering several gift baskets, for friends and distant relatives mostly. I just love that it is going to make my holiday season so much easier, kind of like buying turkey that's already cooked, or heading over to your families thanksgiving dinner so you don't have to cook the turkey! There are probably a million holiday short-cuts one could take, and I'm seriously considering making a list of all the things I can do to make this holiday season a little less stressful on myself.  Did you know that 'hamper' is a word used in the UK meaning gift baskets?  - I had no idea! - Anyway, I remember when my mom used to buy gift baskets for our neighbors or friends during the holidays and we would joke about how lazy she was for it, well now is probably the first time in my life I realize why she took the short-cuts she did, especially as a single mom with three kids working two jobs! I can't imagine doing all the things she did, and I'm surprised she found time even just to order gift baskets during those hectic holiday seasons.

So how do you plan on making this holiday season easier on yourself? Any short-cuts you plan on taking? Do you order gift baskets, and if so, who do you give them to?


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