Monday, October 31, 2011

Review for Brynn & Amie Good Karma Foods

Brynn & Amie Good Karma Foods
I was recently delighted to have the opportunity to review some wonderful chocolate from Brynn & Amie Good Karma Foods! Oh my gosh, delicious! I reviewed a box of their 'Chocolate Bliss' and it was phenomenal! It is a wonderful mix of yummy dark chocolate, dried cranberries, dried tart cherries, crystallized ginger, & pistachios, with just a pinch of sea salt that just makes these treats delectable! Also, they are made to order with no additional preservatives. I loved the pinch of sea salt, it compliments the dark chocolate amazingly! I have a few pounds to lose after having my baby and after trying these chocolates I think I'm going to have a hard time staying on my diet! My hubby asked me how they tasted, I told him they were amazing and he didn't believe me, he gave me one of those doubtful faces, but tried one for himself later and actually ended up finishing up finishing the entire box! (no fair!!) Simply put, he absolutely loved them too! Another great thing I loved about these chocolates was the adorable box they came in! They make a great gift because the packaging is so adorable! But they are also available to order in a gift package with a handmade ceramic candy dish. You can order the Chocolate Bliss Box, which contains 12 individual pieces, (the one I tried, presented in the super cute box!) or the the Chocolate Bliss bag, which contains 24 individual pieces.

I am excited to try more treats from Brynn & Amie Good Karma Foods, One thing I would love to try is their homemade, all natural granola called 'Karma Krunch' which is full of healthy fruits, nuts and seeds, and made with pure maple syrup, making it just slightly sweet (yummy!)

The holidays are approaching quickly, and I am recommending all of my readers to try some treats from Brynn & Amie, I promise you will love them!

*Disclosure: The above review is my own 100% honest opinion(s). I received products to complete this review but I was not obligated to write a positive review, I honorably only write my honest thoughts on all companies/products that I review.*


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