My bundle of joy!

"If anyone is wondering why I created this blog,
why I started writing reviews, or why I care so much about writing
about and giving away great products for moms and babies, it's because I am a (very)
soon to be first time mommy! - And I've recently joined the "SAHM" blogging community,
and I'm very happy to be a part of everything :)"

I am dedicating this portion of my blog to my son, Samuel Matthew Doolan,
but I am also dedicating it to other mommies who will enjoy reading
about my amazing experience being pregnant and also to
expecting mommies who can appreciate my insight :)

Details, Details!

*As of 10/05, I am 38 weeks along! (YES! THAT'S RIGHT! only 2 weeks to go!)
*If I don't happen to go into labor by 10/17, I'll be induced on 10/21.
*The bun in the oven is a little boy! (Just what I was hoping for!)
*My pre-pregnancy weight was 105, at 38 weeks, I'm 160!


First sign of pregnancy? - Missed Period
Morning sickness? - Yes! Horribly!
First person to announce the big news to? - The hubs!
Planned or unplanned? - Unplanned, but at the perfect time

His Nursery:

Before I even knew the gender of my baby,
I knew exactly what theme I wanted for his/her room!

It might sound weird, and a lot of my friends & family kept telling me,
"once you know the gender you'll change your mind about the theme of the nursery".
WELL, guess what! - I didn't!

I've always loved earth tones, and animals. So I knew right away that
I wanted my little one to have a very neutral, safari animal based nursery theme.

And here's what I got! --->

This is the Azania Collection by Cocalo Baby.
I absolutely love everything about this
collection! From the cute rug,
to the adorable lamp!

The diaper stacker is just too cute-to-boot,
and the matching hamper is a MUST in any collection!

I can't wait for him to start really enjoying his nursery,
he'll be in his bassinet right beside my bed for a little while,
but once he's off to his own room he's surely going in style ;)

OH! Speaking of bassinet,
I decided to go with a very multifunctional piece,
this mommy lives a budget and I knew I would need two things
for my honey-bun, a play-yard and a bassinet.. Well thankfully Graco
has filled the needs of many, many mommies out there and combined the two
together in there line of "Pack N Play's"

Here's what I got:

It's wonderful, especially in my situation because it allows me to be functional, affordable,
and still adorable. The toy bar above features two stars and a moon, and I'm a huge
fan of the brown/blue color mixture. Once he's done using this as a bassinet,
he'll be using it during play time and when we go to the park!
It's perfect because it wasn't too expensive,
and it's something I'll use for a long time!


Safety is something I care about just as much as being functional,
and adorable, and affordable. And as a first time mommy,
I'm always thinking about how to keep my son safe.

Being a first time mom, you wonder about EVERYTHING.
You look up everything you possibly can on the internet
and then you go talk to your doctor.

You talk to friends, family, and any mommy you know
of to get the best advice possible, right? - Well at least I do!

And one of the biggest concerns of mine was plastic bottles.
With all this "BPA-FREE" talk, it makes you wonder what so harmful
about BPA anyway, and if BPA is so bad, is BPA-FREE plastic still a risk to your baby?

Well, I did tons of research, talked to my doctor, and then did more research..
I couldn't find anything that specifically says NOT to use plastic bottles,
but I could find enough information about harmful plastics that
convinced me to buy glass bottles for my son.

I'm not saying not to get plastic bottles, (even I got a few.)
All I'm saying is, I'll be using mostly glass.

Sure, the glass bottles weigh more, sure, the might be harder to clean..
But to me, it's 100% worth it!

PS: Check out this article and read more about BPA-FREE plastics.